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Get your free SMS Keyword and receive text messages in your email inbox within 30 seconds!

Easy and free SMS to Email for UK businesses. Simple SMS to Studio for commercial; community and hospital radio stations.

Compose a text message that says:


Where KEYWORD is the keyword you want, EMAIL is your email address and PIN is the password you want to use

Send it to:

07520 61 71 81

Example: GET WOW p@33w0r& Need help?

You will get a confirmation text message and email within seconds saying your keyword is ready to use!

All texts to 07520 61 71 81 that start with your keyword will be sent to your email address for free

See how fast replies are! Send HELLO and your message to 07520 61 71 81

Receiving SMS by email has never been so simple or affordable! Send optional replies for only 5 pence!

Texts to 07520 61 71 81 cost standard network rates